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EGD is a one-stop-shop for branded event uniforms, gifts,
and merchandise

Supporting design and production to logistics, operations, fulfillment, and distribution

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Event Goods Delivered develops merchandise on a global stage, working in partnership with global sponsors to manage procurement and logistics for event merchandise at major global events.

Event Goods Delivered works in partnership with some of the world’s most recognized brands and events. Managing event merchandise, guest wearables, premium gifts, and sponsorship uniforms from design, procurement, and production to operation logistics, fulfillment, and distribution. 

Within this operation, EGD manages the process, event approvals, product suppliers, logistics, fulfillment, packaging, tailoring, distribution and more—all while ensuring the quality of inventory remains consistent in whatever quantity is required for each programme.

We are a one-stop-shop for branded event uniforms, gifts, and collateral needs.  With experience rooted in large-scale international sporting, lifestyle, and entertainment events like The Olympic and Paralympic Games, FIFA and Rugby World Cups, The Commonwealth Games, and Formula E, EGD capabilities are scalable to suit any event programme requirements.

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Our Service

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Programme Planning

Event Goods Delivered finds ways to harness emotion in brands—leveraging your marketing goals through merchandise and leaving a legacy. We manage the critical path—mitigating late deliveries and maximising project budgets

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Shipping + Logistics

We move goods from far flung locations into event spaces. Taking the pain out of logistics operations—managing import documentation processing, customs clearance, duty payments, and brokerage negotiations

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Brand Integration + Design

We make one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else in the world—fully integrating clients’ brand into each product. We manage multiple suppliers and ensure brand consistency across all products

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Fulfillment + Outfitting

Let EGD handle the fulfilment and delivery. We do it all—from organized storage, kit construction, pick-and-pack, room drops, gift delivery, and merchandise distribution. Through this process we even ensure product excellent through robust quality checks

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Sourcing + Procurement


EGD is not a typical merch supplier. Unlike others, we can supply anything—whether it’s a specific retail brand, a licensee item, trending apparel and accessories, or a bespoke piece. Put our trusted suppliers and designers to the test! 

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On-site Support


We apply our proven and flexible delivery model to each clients’ needs onsite. Every programme’s operational plan is unique to the experience. Then, when the event is over, our team helps reconciliation by making exchanges, advising inventory liquidation, and onward shipments

Branded Team Uniforms
Staff Uniforms
Staff Uniforms
Branded Team Uniforms
Branded Team Uniforms
Staff Uniforms
Volunteer Youth Uniforms
Staff Uniforms
Staff Uniforms
Staff Uniforms

Programme Portfolio

Programme Portfolio

What are you planning?

Inquire below and find out how EGD can support your programme on the next global stage

The EGD Sustainability Promise

EGD is proudly committed to the fight against climate change
as an EcoVadis Gold Company and Greenly Silver Medal recipient
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Responsibly Sourced

EGD ensures products and services are procured and created under a set of internationally-acceptable environmental, social, and ethical guidelines + standards. EGD sources locally wherever possible.

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Maximised Materials

Whenever possible, EGD considers using economically-mindful goods—maximizing the use of materials with reused and recycled content and minimisingpackaging + designing products, which can either be reused 
or recycled.

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Minimised Impacts

EGD makes a conscious effort to request suppliers minimise embodied impacts. This request maximising resource + energy efficiency within themanufacturing process and minimises environmental impacts.

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Safe Practices

EGD procures goods and services from conscious-minded suppliers to 

ensure safe substances

and materials are used in the making and distribution of all procured inventory.

Client Portfolio

Client Portfolio
Branded Corporate Event Gifts
Branded Event Guest Kits
Branded Corporate Event Gifts
Branded Event Gifting
Branded Event Gifting
Branded Corporate Event Gifts
Branded Guest Gifts
Branded Event Merchandise

Meet the Founding Partners

EGD is a women-owned business based in London.  Working alongside a consortium of international clients and industry experts, EGD is proudly culturally-sensitive and environmentally-considerate.

Event Goods Delivered encompasses more than 20 years of successful merchandise programmes for partners, national committees, and broadcasters in the corporate event industry worldwide. Sabrina Singh and Kayleigh Reed-Hoxha have established themselves as the subject matter experts in the global 'procurement + production' and experiential 'logistics + operations' industry. Making Event Goods Delivered the sought-after partner ​for branded event uniforms, gifts, and collateral needs.

Kayleigh Reed-Hoxha, Chief Operations Officer, Founding Partner
Sabrina Singh, Chief Production Officer, Founding Partner

Kayleigh Reed-Hoxha
Chief Operations Officer, Founding Partner

Sabrina Singh

Chief Production Officer, Founding Partner

Meet the Founders

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2 Adelphi Court, 299 High Road, London, N2 8HD 

England - UK

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